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Dec 30, 2012 10:00pm PST
for michael dunne. he was a freelance photographer. >> mike was the first on the scene. i know my brother would have been the first one there if he was still alive. >> one person who was in the lobby got hit by the car and taken to the hospital. the 2 teenagers were taken to a trauma center. police say they face charges of reckless driving and speed racing. >> a horrible tragedy, 2 people die including a child in a fire in a town house on bridgeport court. a couple and their granddaughter were trapped. the entire building was already engulfed in flames. fire fighters tried to help but it was too late. >> this fire got a big hit start on us and burned really fast, it consumed really fast even though it was a 3 minute response for us. >> they lived in the complex for about 20 years. a family member staying in a nearby apartment grabbed a nearly empty fire extinguisher. >> a manhunt for a man in oakland who shot a 15 year-old girl. on 56th avenue. a 14 year-old boy was also wounded. the suspect is between 13 and 16 years old. that makes 131 homicide in oakland. a 26 percent in years from 201
Dec 13, 2012 7:00pm PST
michael dunn started shooting. he firedate bullets. michael dunn fled the scene and did not report the incident to police. thanks to an eyewitness who caught his license plate. the next day police caught him. today he was indicted for murder and attempted murder in the first degree. joining me the parents of jordan davis. lucia, you got that phone call. ron found out first and called you, what was your feeling? what happened to you when you got that call? >> it just, when i happened to come up in the bedroom and i saw my phone light up and i saw that it was ron. i knew it had to do with jordan. i knew 11:00 at night, there would be no other reason why he would be calling. and when i picked up the phone and he said where is earl get earl. and i knew that it had to do with jordan. i knew something was terply, terribly wrong. and i think i knew in my spirit, i knew that he was gone. i felt that. >> ron, dow think that it was in your voice when you made that call. i can't imagine having to make that call to the mother of this child that you both just lost. >> when i cam back from the h
Dec 1, 2012 4:00pm PST
to stand up right now. >>> you know, the man who shot jordan davis, michael dunn, was denied bail and remains in jail. he claims he pulled his gun and opened fire out of self-defense. >>> up to speed on the day's other headlines. protests in cairo over the young democracy's in constitution. supporters of president mohamed morsi packed the streets near cairo university as morsi sets a date for a vote on the new constitution. morsi's critics say the constitution was rushed through and paves the way for islamic law. >>> mexico has a new president, enrique pena nieto took the oath of office before the country's congress. his inauguration returned the institutional revolutionary party to power 12 years after being turned out of office. that doesn't sit well with mexicans who accuse it of buying the election. hundreds clashed with police outside congress. >>> north korea is going to try again. they want to take another stab at sending a rocket into space. this time, to place a satellite into orbit. this is all coming from north korea state run media. the rocket will be similar to this o
Dec 1, 2012 4:30am PST
to death at a florida gas station following a disagreement about loud music. 45-year-old michael dunn is charged with davis' murder in a case that remind some of the trayvon martin shooting in florida. but dunn's attorney said there is no comparison here and her client was acting in self-defense. >>> today marks world aids day. the white house is marking the event by displaying the red ribbon, an international symbol of support. a procloimation president obama says in part that the united states is committed to preventing the disease to spread and ending this pandemic once and for all. >>> world aids day is a time for some say the truth, the naked truth. yeah, these folks, they're naked and they're naked in john boehner's office. their protesting huge cuts to hiv and aids funding. jennifer flynn was one of those naked protesters and she joins me now from new york. good to have you with us. >> thank you so much for having me. >> why did you take your clothes off to protest budget cuts? >> yeah. well, we took our clothes off to illustrate that people with aids and the most vulnerable pe
Dec 1, 2012 7:00am PST
of jordan davis by michael david dunn is not that, the shooting of george martin by trayvon. another 17-year-old african-american boy shot and killed. the alleged assail lent, an older white man, say he felt threatened. the boy he is accused of shooting was reportedly unarmed. another claim of self-defense to justify the killing. another pair of grieving parents losing a child and seeking justice. since for those of us that know them and love them that this is no country for young black men which is why i am addressing my own blackler for whom it may concern. it is me, melissa. if you are like me, this latest news has got you concerned. here we are again. it's been barely a year since the killing of trayvon martin resurrected that old angst, long buried but always there just below the surface, you know, that feeling. it's the one that makes us here about trayvon and now jordan davis, reach back across decades into our history for another boy named emmett till. then, it was a whistle at a white woman. now, it's a hooded sweatshirt or music being played loudly from a car but always this. one t
Dec 1, 2012 2:00pm PST
to police in jacksonville, florida, michael dunn was sitting in his car, waiting for his girlfriend when an suv, full of teens, pulled up alongside, he said he felt threatened, grabbed his own gun and fired at least eight shots. now once it was all over, seventeen-year-old jordan davis was dead, leaving his family devastate devastated. >> and i'm just -- i just lost it. >> heartbreaking, that is heartbreaking. >> holly hughes is here, a criminal defense attorney. he has been charged with murder. he is sitting in jail right now. but police had to find him. he left the scene and didn't call police, what does that tell you? >> well, you know, i can understand he is panicking, and thinks there is a gun. but what really disturbs me, not only does he leave the scene, he leaves the state. he goes back to his hotel room and spends the night. he hears on the news, this young man has died. there is a fatality from what he did, the shots with the teens, and then he gets in the car and leaves the state. his whole thing, well, i needed an attorney. well, you can get an attorney on the phone, trust me
Dec 2, 2012 3:00am PST
. >> reporter: it happened november 23rd, 47-year-old michael dunn told investigators he felt threatened at a gas station, parked side by side with an suv full of teenagers. he complained they were playing their music too loud. detectives say dunn confronted davis, who was in the backseat. dunn's attorney says his client thought he saw a gun, so he pulled his own weapon and started shooting, firing at least eight shots. davis was hit at least twice. investigators never found a gun in the teen's car. davis' father travelled from jacksonville to atlanta for his son's funeral. it's a case that's gotten national attention and has been compared by some to the fatal shooting of another african-american teen, trayvon martin, killed by admitted gunman george zimmerman. but unlike martin's parents, ron davis tells me he does not believe race played factor in his son's death. >> i don't think -- it just happened to be an african-american child and a non-african-american person that pulled the trigger. i think that's the only comparison. i don't think the reason is the same. i think the reason for
Dec 3, 2012 12:00pm PST
was shot and killed. michael dunn fired eight or nine rounds from his car at another that davis was in because after trading angry words, dunn said he saw four black then and a shotgun. police do not find said shotgun. some don't understand how a central park jogger case can happen in a city that would happen in a city that would elect david dinkens. being black in america is
Dec 1, 2012 11:00am PST
. michael dunn is charged with davis' murder. investigators say he fired several times into the vehicle davis and his friends were sitting in after a verbal altercation. two bullets hit and killed davis. dunn's lawyer said his client thought he saw a shotgun and felt threatened. he's using florida's stand your ground law as his defense. >>> parts of the pacific northwest, they are bracing for more severe weather this weekend. a nasty mix of rain, wind, and snow pummeling northern california, oregon, and washington. the national weather service predicts soaking rain and wind gusts that could hit 70 miles per hour in some places. that could trigger flooding and mudslides after spring fires that destroyed whole forests. >>> and a professor hopes to get a few extra students in his statistic s class. he ends up with 54,000 new kids. luckily, he didn't need a classroom for all of them. >> palestinians celebrate in the west bank after an historic vote at the united nations. my guess says it's a game changer. i'll talk to the first woman elected to the palestinian legislative council. shopping
Dec 1, 2012 5:00am PST
today after a disagreement at a florida gas station ended in his death. 45-year-old michael dunn has been charged with murder, but his attorney says comparisons to trayvon are not accurate, that he acted in self-defense, that his client did. george howell talked to jordan's father. >> i believe it was strictly anger. you know, people try to associate that whenever people of color are different from someone else, and i believe, still believe to this day, unless the gentleman tells me different, that it was anger that was involved and having the accessibility of these guns. >> reporter: your focus is on guns. >> yeah. >> reporter: your t-shirt. >> kill guns, not kids. law enforcement has been trarng trained, and they are the only ones that should have guns in public. >>> two pakistani brothers living in florida are accused of plotting to use a weapons of mass destruction against americans. they were arrested on thursday, indicted yesterday. the federal indictment says the plot started in 2011, but investigators are now being pretty tight-lipped about specifics. they are trying to deter
Dec 14, 2012 4:00am PST
to appear in court on monday. he is 45 years old, his name is michael dunn and he is charged with first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder for firing into a car where davis and three of his friends were sitting. dunn says he felt threatened by the teenagers, after he asked them to turn down their music, so it was basically over loud music and that he shot them in self-defense, and there is some word his first attorney said that they might focus on florida's controversial stand your ground law in his defense. now since then he has switched attorneys. joining to us talk about this is lucia mcbeth and ron davis, jordan davis' parents and their attorney as well john phillips. it has been a horrific three weeks for you. i cannot imagine how awful it has been, if you can, ms. mcbeth, tell me how you found out that jordan had been killed. what happened? >> a phone call from his father, my husband and i were in chicago for thanksgiving and i happened to come up to the bedroom and i saw ron's name pop up, and i knew the moment i saw his name, that late at night, i knew it had to
Dec 20, 2012 1:00pm EST
after the election, hope spring eternal for some people, mr. jack david and michael dunn wrote an op ed piece. mr. david was the deputy assistant secretary of defense in the bush administration. mr. dunn is the former presidency over the air force association. and here's what they say in support of more aircraft. part of which the committee appeared to be responding to. not directly but was in concert with. they complain that the air force has been a victim of its success. they say, ironically inattention to repeated cuts that have taken a toll on this branch haven't received the public attention they deserve because the air force has been so successful. no u.s. soldier has been killed by enemy air power since 1953. for six decades the air force has been able to deny operational air space to adversaries. so u.s. ground forces have operated with little fear of enemy aircraft attacking their position. this is in the "wall street journal" written by a former bush assistant secretary of defense and the head of the air force association. but, they say, it's not enough. to have had no america
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)